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Associate Professor of Forest Pathology and Ornamental trees pathology at the University of Padova, Italy.

Since April 2017, qualified for Full Professorship.


His research focuses on trees' fitness: mycorrhizal communities’ composition, ecologic role of endophytic fungi, epidemiology and dynamics of diseases, biological control.

The current emphasis is on veteran trees as ecosystems.


After inventing BITE, a drill-free trunk injection device, he joined “PAN / DeRebusPlantarum”, an interdisciplinary spinoff of the University of Padova pointing to environment-friendly practices, with a special focus on plant-based injectable pesticides.


Author of four patents; invited speaker to many internation symposia and workshops.

Core member at the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, Member of the panel on Forest Quarantine at IPPC/FAO.


Main papers here.

Personal blog on trees here.


CV in italiano (aggiornato al febbraio 2020)

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CV in English (vers. 2016, sorry)

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